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Trouble finding right cup

Hello, I've been lurking on here for a while but I need advice so I thought I'd make an account. I really want to use cups regularly and I've bought two cups so far but both of them had issues.
The short version is: I started with MeLuna M Classic and after a tough learning experience the first period it became easier, until two months later it got deformed and wouldn't open up. Then I got a Lunette size 2 because it's firmer, but this one is big and uncomfortable. I want to buy a new one but I'm not sure what to go with, please help.

More details under the cut.

So I'm 22, sexually active, not very physically active, 174 cm and 72 kg and I assume I have a medium cervix.
MeLuna was my first cup because it was recommended as a good beginner's cup. When I learned how to insert it properly I couldn't feel it inside me at all. I later learned that the material it's made from can get deformed from body heat and I assume that's why it got deformed and wouldn't open up inside me after using it for 2-3 periods. Also worth noting is that when I have BM I always "crush" the cup and have to reinsert it.

I like the material the lunette is made of more, but I got the lunette 2 thinking that I wouldn't "crush" it so easily as it's made of a harder material, but I still have to remove it when using the toilet. But a bigger issue is that I can feel it pressing me down inside, and when it pops open I can get sharp pains sometimes. And on top of that the stem is always poking my insides so I can only stand/lie down and not sit. The first couple of times I used it the vacuum seal was so strong that it was really painful removing it too. I really wanted to make it work but it's too big and stiff for me.

I don't want to give up on using cups because I love the feeling (or actually the absence of feeling) when I'm wearing one right and pads are really uncomfortable because I bleed for 5-7 days. But I can't afford to keep buying new ones too often so I hope someone will recommend a better fit for me. Will the lunette 1 be better? Or should I go with some other brand? Also is there anything useful I could do with my old cups? Thank you in advance.
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