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Diva Cup too long

Finally, I bought a cup!! For years I’ve been wanting one, but I couldn’t afford the cost of the cup plus the international shipping costs as I don’t live in the US. Besides, I am not very comfortable with online purchases. So, recently I found the Diva cup in a local supermarket and without thinking much about it, I got size 2, as I am 45 and I had a twin pregnancy delivered by C-section 13 years ago.  

Surprise!! I have a low cervix. I think I knew that before, as I’ve touched it several times when checking the strings of my IUD, but I didn’t think about it when buying the cup.  I cut the stem almost completely, but I still felt it chaffing the outside of my vagina, so I am wearing it inside out, but I believe it still is long. 

Checking with my finger, I can feel my cervix only introducing the first knuckle, meaning that it’s not longer than 2.4 cms (0.94 in). So even if I push the cup in, after a while, I can feel it coming down. If I go to the bathroom for a bowel movement, I have to take it off, because it comes almost completely out, although the seal doesn’t break, I believe it could get contaminated and I don’t want to push it back in without washing it first.   This low cervix thing also explains why I never felt comfortable using tampons, I always had the feeling that it will suddenly come out with any effort I did. 

My pelvic muscles are not very strong, as I don’t work out. My periods are quite long, almost 7 days, but I only have 2 really heavy days. I’ve been using the Diva for only 3 periods and I love it, even if I feel it too long for me. I’m not sure if I should wait or buy another brand/size. Maybe the Meluna Shorty will work but what size? I can’t afford another cup that could not be the right one either.         


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