sylvaniae wrote in menstrual_cups

Cleaning between taking out and reinsertion...

Hello, fellow cuppers! I just wanted to gauge how people clean their cups between taking it out and reinserting it. I just rinse it out really well with hot water, but I've read that isn't enough, that you need to use feminine or unscented, gentle soap on it. I personally don't think that's necessary. Some people even recommend having two cups and actually boiling the cup between uses and inserting the clean one after you remove it, which I was like, WHAT, seriously?

So, what do you guys do? I know it's essentially my body and that bacteria can grow on the cup similar to a tampon and that I'm taking my life into my own hands by not always soaping up my cup between uses. I don't want TSS, but I haven't had any issues with smell or symptoms of TSS while using the cup while just rinsing between uses every 12 hours.


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