johanneki wrote in menstrual_cups

A question about firmness

Hello! I just made a profile on here specifically to ask a quesion. I hope that is okay. I have been researching for days, and I can't find anyone talking about the exact problem I experience. I hope you can help me! At least I can't find any solution.

I use the OrganiCup size 1 and have never tried anything else. 

It is going okay, but I sometimes experience mild pain. It is as if my opening is too narrow for the cup — it does expand once it gets in, but my bone pushes on it and is making its shape weird. It feels as if the suction is too strong, so I have to pull a bit too hard for comfort. 

Important note: I have a very long cervix, so I should not get a smaller one, or it would definitely get lost. It often slides quite a long way up at night.

So, could it perhaps be about hardness? Should I get a softer cup? A harder cup? Is it not about that but instead about me being too narrow and thus I should find a long, thin cup?

I hope you can help. 

Best regards



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