Buying new cup

I could use some help buying a new cup.  I am a new user and have been using a Lunette size 1 for several months now.  For the most part its ok, but it does cause cramping after a few hours. I don't get cramps so I know its the cup causing it.  I need to take it out by the end of the day because it's uncomfortable.  I am sure that its inserted correctly because there is no leaking and I can feel that it's open.  I think the rim is also bothering me a bit. Its pretty firm and I had some trouble inserting it when I first started using it. 

I was reading that getting a wider cup can help with cramping.  For most that's the larger size which I wasn't even looking at before because I'm petite and haven't given birth but I am willing to try it if it helps.

Some other background — I'm 29, active (exercise daily), and I think I have a high cervix since I can't find it.

I was looking at the Lena (large) and the Hello cup (not sure what size) because they have less of a rim.  I was wondering if anyone tried the Mermaid cup? It seems like it might be good size-wise for me but I think its newer because I haven't been able to find any reviews.  I was also trying to figure out if a less firm cup would help at all.  I'm a little worried about not being able to open it though since I'm new to this.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


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