newbie2310 (newbie2310) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Problems opening and potential cause of cyst?

Hey! I have only just started a cup. I can insert no problem but it won't pop open no matter what I do and No matter the fold. I dont have a problem inserting, no pain, it slides easily but when i check it, I can feel the fold still, it doesnt budge, I have even tried pulling it open with my fingers.. I hear a lot about rotating it, but I dont think I understand this technique as I have tried and tried but there is no way mine is twisting, its jammed.. The only thing that kind of works is pulling it almost conpletely out again then inserting whole w no fold.. but even then it feels like it refolds (maybe to fit?). Pulling out is no problem (like a tampon) which makes me feel like I am not getting the suction people talk about. Despite this I wasnt too worried, my periods arent heavy and I havent really had any serious leaks (a little bit twice) and especially seems as this is my first period with it so still tryin to get used to it.. but changing it in the shower today i noticed that i now have two marble size duct cysts.. they are not painful but still.. this surely cant be a coicidence, I just wonder if it is the cup that is clearly irratating me or if it is only due to all the fingers and poking Ive been doing up there trying to get the cup to open..

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