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Do menstrual cups cause Nabothian cysts?

Hi, I'm a newbie! I have an issue with my menstrual cup and my cervix. So first of all, I've just started using my first branded cup (the Lena cup, large size) and I've been having problems with it. It's also my first time using such a big cup because I have a heavy flow. Long story short, I've using it to see how it's like before I start my period and I noticed that when it is in, after a few minutes, I feel pelvic cramps (mild ones though) that have never been there with any of the other cups I've used ( which are small size). I've read many articles online about it and it seems like the reason of the suction being too strong is the rightest explanation, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, I just went to take a shower and took out the cup (after wearing it for 25 hours and I know that's bad but I'm not on my period and I can't take it out in the morning because it is too high up and the cup is very firm) and I stuck my finger in there to feel the position of my cervix. Lo and behold, I felt a(few) pea sized lumps on my cervix near the opening. At first I thought it was the the opening that I was feeling, but it felt like there were several bumps around the opening. It doesn't hurt, but as of right now(I do not have the cup in anymore), I can still feel a slight cramping feeling also on the left side of my pelvis. I don't know what they are but I went on Google and searched for answers in fear and found out that Nabothian cysts might be the most accurate thing I might be having.
So my question is, do menstrual cups cause Nabothian cysts especially when you wear your cup for too long? Or is it because of the trauma caused my the cup on my cervix?


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