brieno wrote in menstrual_cups

Sealed but uncomfortably low

Hello! First time posting and I've looked everywhere for an answer but struggled to get the advice I need. I've been using my cup (a mooncup) for three days now and while the first day was a total disaster (I spent so long on the toilet trying to figure things out that someone started worrying I'd knocked myself unconscious) day two was better! I'd got a good seal, didn't leak at all the whole day (even after taking it out and reinserting) but I felt as if the cup just hung too low? The stem was almost completely out and it wasn't painful but just felt weird/uncomfortable like it was ready to drop out. I could feel the cup sitting there if that makes sense. Today however, I've made an effort to push the cup up higher so only a very small bit of the stem is out and I can't feel anything at all...and I've leaked. Twice.

I know it's only day three and I gotta just stick with it but any advice or tips would be really helpful right now because I'm not so sure what I'm doing wrong. Thank you!


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