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22 Yr Old Virgin w/Low Cervix - Menstrual Cup Woes!

Hi, I'm a 22 yr old virgin with a heavy flow and low cervix, looking to convert from cloth pads (which are great) to menstrual cups. About 4 months ago, I purchased the Lena Cup in Small. I made the mistake of purchasing based on the height of my cervix on dry days. It's high according to Intimina's diagrams. 

The problem? My cervix drops for my entire period to approximately 1.5-1.7 inches in length  (definitely less than 2 inches). Consistently *sigh*. I've read countless articles in this online community — including kuradi8's post — from people who have had success inserting their cups with even lower cervixes than mine, so I know I'm doing something wrong. 

Right now, I have to use a hybrid of the punch down and labia folds to both create a tiny entry point and reduce the entire width of the cup — no other fold works for me unfortunately. This fold "lengthens" the cup at the diagonal and causes my cup to hit my cervix before the base can be fully inserted. I feel like the C-Fold would be great, it's just too big. Despite, or perhaps, because the Lena cup is quite firm, it won't open against my pubic bone (?), but will pop open immediately (and a bit painfully) once I remove it from my body. And honestly,  the cup is so firm, I'm afraid to let it go.

At the moment, I can't purchase a new cup, but I'm eyeing the Juju Cup Model 4, the Merula Cup and the Meluna Soft Shorty Medium/Large. A high capacity SOFT cup for low cervixes would be great, but at this point, I just want to learn how to use ANY cup. Cloth pads are lovely, but they don't reduce the stress of leakage.

Thanks you guys! Also, do you find your fingers locking up trying to hold firm cups?? Lol *weak* 


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