niknak381 wrote in menstrual_cups

first time using menstrual cup, doesnt feel right

I ordered my menstrual cup, a ViiNA Menstrual Cup with Valve Discharge and i want to learn to love it but i can really feel it when its in, its really soft but i managed to inserts it folded in half quite easily, it didn't feel to bad at first till i tried t sit down and for wan of a better expression i feel like someone poking my back passage with a poker and its like i can feel the suction at the bottom of  my tummy/cervix. I tried to remove it earlier to empty it and it felt like i was giving birth to it, i pushed it up first but as its that soft it wasn't easy, i tried rotating it , nope, so i had to just try and get a finger up and round to break seal which worked eventually.

i want to love it so much as i hate the thought of being reliant on tampons and pads all my life but not sure i can cope with that feeling, its not the length i can't feel the stem its further up than that, i feel like im constipated and something poking up there (obviously its not lol) has anyone else had this? is it just my body adjusting to it, im going to try sleeping in it as its bedtime anyway. any advice grateful 


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