Shalina Grorich (Shalina_Nina) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Shalina Grorich

Uncomfortable Cup

Hello, y’all! So today is my very first time to ever use a menstrual cup. I am 35, have never had kids, and am somewhat sexually active. I have a light flow due to birth control pills. I have felt for my cervix and I believe it is about average height...I think. I’m not very familiar with myself, sad to say, and feeling around blind is a little tricky. When checking today, on the first day of my period, I felt a bumpy surface up where I think my pubic bone or bladder is and then past that a ways was something that felt like the tip of my nose. So I’m assuming that is my cervix. Anyway, I’m using a Lena Cup Sensitive Small. I picked this one because I am super sensitive just about everywhere in my body and was hoping this one would be a good choice.

Ok, on to today. Inserting the cup for the first time was super difficult. It was very hard to get it in and then get it to open. I tried the punch down, the 7 fold, and finally the C fold. The only one I’ve gotten it to open with is the C fold. To get it to open, I insert and then have to pull the stem and pull it a bit out of my vagina to get it to pop open and then I have to attempt to push the cup back in. I’m having issues getting the cup very far in. The base is sitting right at my vaginal opening which is great for removal but it is causing discomfort with the cup. I can feel the cup inside me at all times. It’s like this uncomfortable pressure all around. I’ve tried squatting and pushing and hoping to suck the cup up a little. I’ve tried pushing the cup up with my fingers and it just won’t go any farther. I’ve never used tampons before or any kind of insertable keagel things and I’m wondering if maybe it’s just that I’m super unused to having any kind of object in my vagina for any length of time. It’s uncomfortable to sit or walk or anything. I’m super discouraged. I really want this to work. I did leave the cup in for about two hours and the feeling never went away. I removed the cup and reinserted and the feeling is the same. The cup does seem to be working though. I dunno. Will I eventually adjust to this feeling or what?

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