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smell help

My period has no schedule. It won't come for four to five months and then will randomly pay me a visit with all five months worth of blood and mess with no intention of stopping until its ruined my entire month. With this problem, I am only just being able to use my Diva, and as a tiny thing who only weighs a hundred pounds and gets enough for four period cycles in one day, the cup is the greatest thing ever. The problem is, with mine being so insanley heavy, everytime i change it (which is anywhere between three and five times a day) it looks like a scene from a horror movie. With this in mind, pads arent exactly my favorite option and tampons (even the super) leak a huge mess insanley fast. The cup has been my savior. However, when I took a shower today and took it out it smelled awful. I havent had problems with smell yet as this is my first cycle with it. I tried boiling and baking soda but it still smells. It's currently air drying, as a lot of people have said it helps to have it sit in the sun or air dry for long periods of time. But thats not exactly helpful as it's night and I have no tampons and the pads are running low. Plus, i don't exactly want to wake up to the blood covered sheets. I have lots of severe allergies and super sensitive skin, so I dont exactly have all of the options i would like to. Not to mention, all of the soaps i have are natural oil based which the diva site and a lot of others have said isn't good for the cup. If I can't get the smell out before I go to sleep i'll have to use the funky smelling thing and deal with it tomorrow. Can someone please give tips or ideas or anything really? I really don't want to be walking around with a weird smell coming from down there. 


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