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Hi everyone!


I know i made a post already but i still havent solved it and had new discoveries.

For a little background: i got a Meluna M soft 2 years ago and literally crushed it (permanent dent while inside, one side got softer), so i decided to get a Meluna M classic next because the size was right and i didnt want to crush this one. Long story short this new one is giving me all kinds of problems.

Im pretty sure the new one is faulty or something. Because i literally have 2 cups of the same size and the old one is holding up a lot better than the new one. I dont know what is wrong but the new one constantly leaks (theres blood in the cup too but the other half of it always land in my pants) and voila i put in the old one and no leakage but i cant use it for long because it fills up too fast because of the pernament dent.

I enlarged the holes on both of them and guess what: old one works like nothing happened, new one still leaks (heard that would help leakage)

In my previous post i was recommended a bigger diameter in size which i could not afford so i used my old one for a bit to see what would happen and im pretty sure i dont need a bigger size because the old one still works fine (besides sleeping but that was a problem from the start).

Is it possible that it is faulty? How can it even be faulty? When i got it it looked just like my old one but it acts so differently. What do you recommend? Should i buy another Meluna M hoping it would be like my old one?


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