I'm new to this community but I've been reading a lot because I just recently got the lily cup one so I don't have to buy pads during college. To give some information about me, I'm almost 18, a virgin, and I've yet to put a tampon in without feeling it so I wear pads. So I tried to put the lily cup one in but it physically wouldn't go in. I was relaxed, I've tried different positions and folds but the thing just hates my vagina. I don't even think there's enough room for it to even open and I couldn't even get it that far up and I checked to see how low my cervix is and I couldn't feel it so there should be enough length for it but there isn't enough width. I was also feeling around and when I put my finger in my vagina there was a divider in the middle and two holes and from what I felt they don't meet up anywhere. I don't know if that's my hymen and it's just at a weird angle or if there's something else weird about my anatomy but I feel like that could be a factor. 


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