Hi everyone!

I've been using menstrual cups for 2 years now and i'm having problems with leaking.

I've already had 2 cups the first was a Meluna soft medium cup which worked fine and rarely leaked except for nights. I don't know why but every cup i own leaks during the night and i accepted that already. Now this previous cup got really soft on one side (i'm guessing my muscles and often constipation during periods lead to this). I had to get a new one which is what I'm using now.

It's a Meluna classic medium cup (the only difference was that i got a firmer one to avoid the fate the first one suffered). This one is the same size and everything but it leaks like there's no tomorrow. I've checked everything the cup was fully open, my cervix was in it (I have a dangly cervix so the cup can't really go around it) but it leaks (not much but it's constant). It's not full and i believe the sunction doesn't go away. 

When i put my cups in i always had to manually open it and put my cervix inside but rarely this happens on itself so i just have to check. I was never able to do the trick where you spin the cup by grabbing the bottom but i know the sunction is there because i can't pull it down. When i put it in the little ball my cup has just peeks out from my vagina. It's comfortable though.

The little sunction holes are in a different place. I have noticed once that the pattern when i pull it out is that there's blood on the bottom of the cup and a little trail on the side where my cervix hangs down but my cervix is not that long, it can't reach down there so how would it trail up. I'm afraid that maybe the little sunction hole is blocked by my cervix because it's in a different place than the other one but i don't exactly know.

I've also noticed that when i go somewhere (standing a lot, sitting with my legs down) it's only residual leaking.

For some reason when i shower i don't leak at all. So now i've been showering every morning too so it doesn't leak but its troublesome and i didnt have to do that with the previous one. What is different?

21, no birth, really thin, not that fit, really tall


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