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Hi everyone! I’m completely new to LJ and joined since this community has been quite helpful to me the past year as I’ve gotten used to my new menstrual cup. I prefer it so much more to pads but I have two questions (I’ve checked other discussions but my questions haven’t REALLY been answered though I’ve seen similar questions). FIRST, each first day of my cycle basically without fail I am unable to use my cup. It goes in but it won’t ‘pop’ open and form a seal so it just doesn’t work out. I use a LilyCup which I know a lot of people don’t use which is another issue:(. My second problem is that I still haven’t been able to not leak at all. I always wear a pad or panty liner because I will spot with my cup even though it’s nothing big, it’s annoying since I want to kind of give up pads completely. Please help!!! I find it really annoying every first day I can’t use my cup and I’ve never used one before this so I don’t know if I’ve just been doing something wrong this wholleeee time. Thanks in advance!!!!