Unusual pain with cup? Please help

So I am brand new to menstrual cups (still currently on my first cycle). I love the idea of them and couldn't wait to try a cup for the first time. I have been using tampons since my very first period and everything about a cup seemed like a much better option. I purchased the Lily cup size A, I am 20 years old, sexually active, and have no children. I got the regular and the compact incase one did not work out, and so I could have an extra. Took a couple trys to get it in and out but after the first day I did not have any issues. I can easily get the cup inserted and have no problems breaking the seal and getting the cup back out. I have not had problems with leaks since I figured out how to properly insert it. All is good with that. 

My problems are with discomfort. At all times I feel a cramping sensation that I usually do not feel with my period after the first day. This does not bother me too much and I know I probably just have to get used to using a cup. The real problem I am having and so far, and I have not found anyone else describing this, is that I am having a lot of discomfort right at the vaginal opening, very low down. This is increased with sitting and I can feel it even when I walk. I thought that this could have been the length of the stem and I was thinking about cutting it shorter; however, That sucker is way the hell up there and when I go to manipulate it I have to "dig" to even find the stem, (I do believe I have a high cervix just from trying to find it a couple days ago). So I dont know if the stem could be causing the problem when it is already past where I thought it should be. I also noticed that the stem is way to the right side whenever I go to remove it. I know that the lily cup has a unique shape so I thought that it was maybe turning, but I insert it right way up and it comes out straight too so I dont know if thats it or not. I also tried the compact cup, which has the typical flat round shaped rim to see if that was the problem. No change whatsoever in any symptom. I dont want to cut the stem and have it now be too short and ruin the cup. Does this sound like a problem with the stem length or something else? It is very uncomfortable but not to the point that I have to take the cup out. I would love to make cups work so Ill try nearly anything. do I just have the wrong cup shape/size? suggestions?


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