Melissa Nicholes-Michel (Melissa Nicholes-Michel) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Melissa Nicholes-Michel
Melissa Nicholes-Michel

New to all of this......Could use some guidance, please.

Hi All!

I have decided to take the plunge and try out a menstrual cup. I am SO overwhelmed by the choices, and I realize that it might be trial and error until I find one that is just right but with so many factors that could play into finding one that fits, I dont know which to choose. Based on my personal factors, can anyone offer any guidance as to which one might be a good one to start with and work well for a newbie?

Age: 39
Given birth (vaginally) to two 8+lb babies
Titled (retroverted) uterus that sits fairly high, slightly lower but still fairly high during my period
I am petite, 4'11" and generally small frame
Not particularly active
Also, the first day to two days of my flow are generally VERY heavy-heavy (super+ tampon every two hours or so).

Any ideas or guidance or brand and size? I dont want to be discouraged right out of the gate, so I appreciate the help!

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