First time use

For some background — I am 28 and have a Lunette size 1. I've never had kids.

I tried using the menstrual cup for the first time yesterday.  Insertion went fine (I used the 7 fold).  I think I have a high cervix because I can't find it and when the cup was in it fit comfortably, stem and all.  

After about 2 hours I started feeling mild pressure in my abdomen.  I figured it was just because I was getting used to the cup so I didn't think anything of it.  I stood up and immediately felt nauseous, dizzy, and passed out.  I went to remove the cup and since I was still feeling dizzy I removed it a little roughly.  I don't think I broke the suction because my cervix has been pretty sore since.  I used a pad for the rest of the day instead and felt fine (aside from soreness) after an hour or so.  

I was going through this forum and found some very useful information.  I now know I had a vasovagal reaction. I just read up on that and it explained a lot of problems I've had in the past!  I used to have this reaction all the time when I started using tampons, but I never knew what it was.  I think it will go away with time since I was eventually able to use tampons.    

My questions are these: A lot of advice about how to avoid having the vasovagal reflex reaction had to do with making sure the cup sits low.  Is this ok with a high cervix?  The cup was filling when I removed it and there was no leaking so I think I inserted it at the correct angle.  I just don't want to trim the stem if the cup is going to move up too high.  But I obviously don't want this reaction again so I don't want the stem to stick out by placing it low.  Does anyone have a high cervix with the vasovagal reaction? 

My other question is about removal.  I think in my desperation to get the cup out I didn't break the seal properly.  Is it ok to tug on the stem to remove it without breaking the seal? I think it might be accounting for some of the soreness I am still feeling, but I'm not sure.  

Thanks to all the posters on this forum.  You are all super helpful! 


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