Problems with leaking and falling out


I am new to menstrual cups and still trying to find the right one for me. I would really appreciate some advice as I'm getting seriously frustrated!

Background: I'm 26 and had my first child 2 years ago vaginally. My periods are light and have never filled the cup before (I change it twice a day, it's only ever been a third to a half full). I have average muscle tone in my pelvic floor, no problems in incontinence. I feel like I have a "short" vagina as I have had to cut the stems off of both my cups, as the stems were protruding out and irritating me. I do a lot of yoga and weightlifting (squats). I need a cup that is able to keep up with all the movement.

I first bought the Lunette small, used it for a few cycles, then got irritated with frequent leaking. It was only light leaking, but enough that I had to use panty liners both during the day and while I slept. It didn't perform well while I exercised, and I would sometimes even feel "gushing" as it leaked heavily.

Then I bought a Fleurcup large, but was immediately uncomfortable as I felt it coming down and pushing out of my vagina. When it did stay in place, I would get the same amount of leaking if not more.

I have tried different folds, and when I put it in I normally push and twist it up a bit further so it's better in place. I always run my finger around the cup to see that it has popped open.

One last thing, even with a perfect fit cup, is SOME spotting always to be expected? Or do some of you brave white panties while wearing your cup? Some days I am able to use the cup without significant leaking, but I still pick black panties as there is always a very light tinged fluid.

Thank you thank you thank you. I really hope I can find an answer, I'm desperate to master the cup! 


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