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Help please?! EXTREMELY difficult to get diva cup out

So the story is I recently invested in a Diva cup because I'll be moving to Japan in August and really don't want to have to deal with the whole trying to purchase feminine hygiene products and stuff and having to invest so much money into them like I do here in the U.S. I am 26 years old and have never had a baby or been pregnant or anything like that so I got the model 1 diva cup (I guess the small one?).

My period came and I was excited to use the diva cup. I have only ever exclusively used pads and I fear sticking anything much less a tampon into my vagina so naturally I was terrified. I have really NEVER been that super close and intimate with my lady bits ever before this point so I'm sweating bullets at this point. First time, I ended up getting it in with some trouble. The c fold didn't work and I couldn't get it up there so I tried the other fold and it seemed to do the trick. I didn't feel anything although I couldn't turn it 360 like the instructions said. So I just went to sleep for the night.

Woke up and wanted to take the cup out before getting in the shower. Read the instructions and tried taking it out. But I couldn't find the thing. Like I couldn't even feel it. How high is this thing supposed to go? So I horrifically had to go deeper and I managed to get past this like really hard space which I think was my pubic bone and I still couldn't feel it. At this point I'm almost knuncle deep with my pointer finger and still can't even feel the stem of the cup. I then bared down like trying to poop and I could finally just feel the tip of the stem but there was NO WAY that I could grab it or anything like that. I tried different positions and relaxing and breathing and pushing but I couldn't get the cup to come any lower than just getting the very tip of the stem over the pubic bone which I still count grasp because it was too far in to get two fingers inside to grasp it.

30 minutes goes by and I somehow miraculously get this thing out. I decided maybe I was just really anxious with it being my 1st time and decided to go for it again. Surely it wouldn't be as hard the 2nd time around because getting it in wasn't as hard the 2nd time. I was HORRIBLY WRONG. I spent over an hour trying to get the thing out the 2nd time. I did everything I tried the first time and even tried taking a hot shower and I could barely even touch the stem again. After over an hour I eventually basically ended up on the floor of my bathroom basically "giving birth" to my diva cup after breathing and pushing and positioning and crying and sweating and all sorts of things.

I don't want to completely give up on menstrual cups but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong? I watched YouTube videos of different people using diva cups and it seemed like the cup was right there for them to reach but I can barely touch mine. I don't want to have to go through this every time I use the stupid thing and I want to love my diva cup. But trying to remove the cup is almost killing the experience. Do I need a longer cup? Are my fingers just too short? Please help or is there any advice that could help?
Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, health risks, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, pads - disposable, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming

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