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I’ve just got this account to ask for help so sorry if I’m using livejournal wrong or generally tagging too much because I thought I’d cover my bases. Apologies for the crappy post peeps.

So like I said, it’s my first cup and I decided to get an eva cup after thinking I probably have a high cervix and knowing it’s softer than some of the other high cervix cups like the diva cup. Did some digging and got in down to the diva, Eva and orgianicup (because there is a site selling them for £9.99 called StressNoMore I think but £13 with postage.)

My period is due around now and luckily feminine wear delivered in time :P

1. I didn’t know if I should try it out before I start or on the first day of my period as some reviews in YouTube said it’s easier if it’s your first time and you don’t have lube, I am a virgin if that makes a difference.

2. Just boiled he cup and realised when I looked to see if my soap was okay most people talked about liquid soap but the only non perfumed soap I have is a vegetable soap bar so idk if that’s okay or any ingredients I would check for to make sure it’s okay. Iirc it’s 100% vegetable supermarket branded.

3. Is there anything I should look out for to decide if it “works” for me, I know the Eva cup is quite a bit harder at the rim for example and it might make it hard to tell if I should change the firmness of a cup or get used to it. I’ve heard the problems most people find with an okay cup is it either doesn’t open but idk if there are any other problems I can “troubleshoot” like how to know if it’s too long, short, wide etc etc etc

4. To begin with how often would it recommend someone to begin emptying it if the have a “regular” flow. Idk what flow I have since I use pads but I wouldn’t want to empty it too regularly and cause more pain to start with but also not want to do it in public so what is a good time to leave it and see your flow.

5. Any good resources in cleaning in public? I have small bags or backpacks and really hate handbags so I’m definitely not carrying water around with me to clean it. Seems weird the eco friendly people recommend buying bottled water to clean the blood off. I was in feminine wear and got breast pads because I heard about cup spots and decided that I might as well use those especially as I’ve seen some YouTubers say they use them as wipes but didn’t realise that they were loads bigger (stupid really haha) so they don’t fit in my Eva cup pouch.

5. A little unrelated but I think i will also buy a very small set of cloth pads if it’s economical but they seem very hard to use public ally and carry around so what are the opInioins on that? I was thinking I’d get a night one because I don’t like the ide of having a very thick pad for in the day and know a night pad will be better to sleep in. What are the best materials to look for and also the cheapest way to just get one?e
Miss Ashley: [ruby cup]imagine_peace on April 1st, 2018 02:37 am (UTC)
If you don't have lube, I would definitely get a water-based one. I use that and it's a lifesaver. I never did a trial run, but I don't see how it could hurt.

I don't know anything about soap, but you definitely want to use something that is not harsh, since this is going inside your body.

I like the Ruby Cup, it's not too firm but not too hard. But you just kind of have to try one out and see if it works for you.

You can wait up to 12 hours to empty, but I wouldn't wait that long. You can sort of tell if it needs to be done, at least for me, because the cup starts to be a bit lower in your body. Not that it will come out though!

When I'm in public, I just wipe it out with toilet paper and put it back in. I don't think there's any reason you have to rinse it every time

Cloth pads are great, but I see what you're saying. You can carry a plastic bag with you that you can put them into when they've been used. You can fold them up so the blood is on the inside of the folded pad.

I hope my answers are helpful! :)
shhazzy on April 1st, 2018 05:04 am (UTC)
Thanks yeah you confirmed some of the stuff I’d heard from certain people thanks very much :)

Gone really well after one attempt and omg I was so surprised I can really see how people forget they have a cup in hahah Was surprised how easy it was especially because I really am not “in tune” with my body like a lot of people seem to be so it’s really good.

First attempt gone really well, got interupted but after I stopped trying first time I’d realised I was angling it a bit wrong. First actual attempt was good but tried 7 fold and it didn’t open and then kind of plopped out (nice) the did punch down and seems to have gone good but didn’t pop all of the way at first so might need to fine tune my fold. Other than that and potentially needing to trim the stem, this is great and I just need to wait for the period I guess.

It usually surprised me without symptoms but around the same time so I’d feel a load better not using a million overnight pads.

This was sooo much less hassle than I thought it’d be, I’m gonna sleep with it and see what happens.

I know there is a post limit but you reckon I should post my experience for people considering cups? Not sure if posting it to you is okay since you just gave me advice and I’m talking about how it’s gone :)

I can slightly feel the stem but have a high cervix so I’ll see how removing it goes to decide if I need to cut t because it’s a pretty small stem. I feel enlightened, hopefully this all goes well
Miss Ashley: [ruby cup]imagine_peace on April 1st, 2018 05:09 am (UTC)
That's great to hear! Yeah, if you do it right, the cup is very comfortable.

Sure, why not. People can always use others testimonials. :)
sylvaniaesylvaniae on April 4th, 2018 06:50 pm (UTC)
I know you hate handbags, but just carrying one for your period might be all right. Then you could use a reusable water bottle that's leakproof and take that in the bathroom with you. If you don't want to go that route, buy some wipes. Maybe your flow is light enough that you don't have to worry about changing it in public bathrooms. It takes quite a long time for my cup to fill, so I time my changing times to when I'm at home. You might not have that option if you've got a heavy flow.