Janice Alvarez (Janice Alvarez) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Janice Alvarez
Janice Alvarez

Should I trim the stem?

Hi! I'm a new cup user, and I just got a bell shaped cup because I have a medium-low cervix. I got the small size because my vaginal opening is very tight. I'm not a virgin, I'm just small in general down there. Well yesterday I inserted the cup and it was very comfortable with the stem sticking out a little.But after about an hour, I started getting terrible cramps to the point where I felt dizzy and nauseated. When I took it out, I noticed the cup had slipped upwards to where the stem was all the way inside. I trimmed the stem about a cm and tried again. It fits comfortably with the stem fitting right at the opening, but the cup slipped upwards again and I got cramps but they weren't too bad. I can't figure out if the cup is slipping upwards naturally, and the cramps are just my body getting used to having something bigger than a tampon inside. Or maybe if I trim the stem more, it won't slip upwards... I just don't want to cut the stem to short and then have more trouble removing it than I already do... I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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