foxworthmagic wrote in menstrual_cups

Curved vaginal canal, trouble inserting

Hi all, I'm new to menstrual cups and have been practicing for a few months with a regular size FemmyCup. I love the cup and really want it to work for me, my only issue is with insertion, but I can't find any info on my specific issue and was hoping someone here would have insight!

My vaginal canal isn't anywhere close to straight, it curves about half a finger's length in, hooking around my pubic bone almost? It curves forward toward my stomach, not back toward my tailbone. And I can fit the cup in perfectly until I reach that curve, where then my canal becomes very small and tight, and I have no idea from there how to push the rest of the cup inside me. The cup is not at all too long for me, my canal extends far past the curve, but it's like it just won't fit no matter what I do. About 80 percent of my FemmyCup fits in with no issue, but then the last end of it is left hanging out of me (more than just the ring, a bit of the bottom too) and I can't figure out the right angle or fold or whatever to make it slide all the way in.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a very high cervix and have never had penetrative sex if that matters at all.


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