Something's weird about mine

Hello all! Been a watcher of this community and you guys have given so many helpful tips on using the menstrual cups.

However, I seem to have a weird situation that nobody else seems to be having. God I hope not and that someone can help me.

So anyway, I recently bought a Sinaya cup (local brand) size small and took it out for a test run even though I haven't started my period yet. I bought water-based lube to help with the insertion since I am not sexually active. Insertion was fine and although there was some very mild discomfort, there was hardly any pain.

However, my cup won't go further in. The stem is outside the vagina and the base is just sitting there at the opening. When I stand (because I squat when I put it in), the stem gets covered by the labia so it doesn't look like it's out. It's not uncomfortable and I don't actually feel it inside me (hurray, I guess?). But the thing is, all the other videos and instructions I saw and read say that the stem should go in. When I try to push cup further, it just kinda deforms like you're squeezing a stress ball (or something like that). It really won't budge further!

Another thing is I can't get it to fully pop open. The rim seems to have sealed off but the base is slightly dented. Since I don't have my period yet, I don't know if this will leak. It also would not turn, like the instructions said to do to get it to open.

Any tips? Is this normal?


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