Natalie Millar (Natalie Millar) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Natalie Millar
Natalie Millar

Issues with Divacup


I am new to this community but really glad I found it. This is my second cycle using the DivaCup and I am all but ready to give up. I have not once got it to work. I always leak. I have a upside down uterus, but I don't think this should affect me. When I felt where my cervix was it was quite low, right past my pelvic bone. I have tried everything I can think of and yet I still get leaks, every single time. Does anyone have the same problems? What am I doing wrong? I have tried the U fold, the push down fold. Tried sitting, standing, squatting. I can turn it fully and it feels open but something obviously isn't right. I am tried contracting while I push it in, pushing the air in, everything.

Please help!
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