peachjellies wrote in menstrual_cups

looking for a new cup (softer and shorter)

hello, this is my first post to this community and my first lj post in a looooooong while so do forgive me if i do some thing wrong!

at any rate, i am 22 y/o, sexually inactive and moderately physically active. i bought and used the divacup on the recommendation of a friend but gave up after a couple cycles because of how long and stiff it was. however i am newly tired of using pads again so i thought i would try to get one more suited for my body.

my main concerns are that i have a medium to low cervix (can touch it easily with my middle finger) and a very small opening which made removing the divacup pretty painful. i have a moderate to light flow (only a bit heavy on the first day or so) so don't need a lot of capacity.

i am considering maybe the si-bell based on what i've read but would love recommendations! thank you in advance.


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