cjljune wrote in menstrual_cups

Menstrual Cup Leaking

Hi, I'm new to menstrual cups and I've just started using mine last month. Since I have no experience with inserting anything into my vagina before this, I couldn't really test the cup until my period was almost over. However when I managed to get it in, I noticed that I was leaking.

I got to try the cup again this month and it happened again. My cup was collecting blood, but it was also leaking. Since it's the first day of my period, it leaked more than the last time.

I don't experience the 'pop' like some people say it does when inserting their cup, but I am pretty sure mine is open. I tried inserting in and pulling it out a little bit, tried putting in higher or lower but it still leaks.

I've also tried to locate the opening of my cervix. I didn't expect my cervix to be in the precise location like how diagrams are but all I can feel are walls of muscles. I can't really determine the opening of it. But I think my cervix is on the average height(?), since I can touch it with my finger.

One thing that I have noticed is the tip of my cup always tilts to the right. No matter how I position my cup, the tip tilts to the right after some hours.

Could this be the reason of the leakage? Or if anyone knows how I can stop the leaking?

Thank you in advanced to whoever that might be able to help me.


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