Meririsa (Lisa Merry) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lisa Merry

Who knew things were so variable?

I’ve used my menstrual cup (JuJu) for three cycles now. I feel liberated from buying disposables.

First time I used it, I had only a few tampons etc left, and deliberately did’t buy more, then sprained my right wrist badly (I’m right handed). Out of necessity, I persisted with insertion using my left hand! That first cycle was difficult with my left hand, though!! I remember trying to remove it late one night, exhausted, with my left hand, while my right hand throbbed with pain!

I did what seems to be the usual rookie mistake and believe the manufacturer’s diagram which implies that you only insert your cup half way along your vagina. I read around here, then tried again using pelvic floor muscles etc to push higher and seem to have sorted out insertion and removal 90% of the time now. Thanks for the wealth of information stored here, and the hive mind!

I seem to have been fortunate in buying the right size first time. What surprises me is how much things change each day of my period. Not just flow, but where the cup rests. First day everything seems “normal”. I think on my 2nd day it sits so low I feel the stem a bit in the lower vagina. Then around my 3rd day (I’ll have to take notes next cycle to be sure), it disappears so far up I’m glad i kept the full stem, and it tilts to one side and I have to prod around to find it (I’m pretty sure I have a tilted uterus).

So next cycle, I plan to take detailed notes, and maybe try to touch my cervix (gradually getting less grossed out by all of this), but suspect it’s quite high up...

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