star_jasmine wrote in menstrual_cups

fleurcup vs superjennie

Hi everyone,

I am new to this group, and have been reading the posts. Thanks to everyone for making such informative entries. I was using a Yuuki cup, but I think over time that the rim changed enough so I experienced a lot of pain when I took it out.

Thinking nothing of this, I purchased a new large Yuuki, only to find it stiffer than the older one was previously. To make a long story a little bit shorter, I am now considering a shorter softer cup with a larger capacity, because my cervix is lower. I have narrowed it down to the Super Jennie or the Fleurcup from what I have read here, since those cups are shorter and softer. I also have a Lunette as a back-up, but it tends to leak on heavier days. My bladder is sensitive as well, so I am thinking that a softer cup would help that situation also. Could someone help me?

Thanks so much.


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