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Merula Cup Review

Hi everyone :)

I've never posted before, but I thought I'd do a quick cup review because Merula is such a new cup and when I was looking into it there was very little out there. There are 2 helpful reviews already (here and here) and a few videos on youbtube, but that's about it.

I THINK I'VE FOUND MY GOLDILOCKS CUP! So I've always had loads of problems with traditional bell-shaped or cone-shaped cups. My Lunette only worked if I was sat or stood upright, as soon as I lay back on the sofa it would leak everywhere. I switched to MeLuna Classic M, same issue. Then MeLuna Sport M — slightly better but still not great. I bought the Merula because it looked so different, and by this point that was its biggest selling point for me. Just for reference, I'm 25, 5"3', petite, no births.

So, this is how I've found it:

  1. Comfort: I won't lie, when I first saw a picture of it I was intimidated. It just looks so....big. But when it arrived it felt so nice — it's really squishy The silicone is a really good quality, similar feel to the Lunette actually. The stem is possibly the stretchiest, most flexible stem I've ever encountered. I honestly cannot feel it. I ended up cutting it down to the last rung because I have a low cervix, but anyone who wanted/needed to leave theirs longer wouldn't find it irritating I don't think. I can't feel it when I'm wearing it, and it doesn't press on my bladder or anything.
  1. Insertion/Removal: It's true there's a learning curve to this cup, but it's not a huge one. For me, when I stopped trying to make it behave like a regular bell-shape cup, re-read the instructions and tried again it worked fine every time. I have always been a die-hard C-fold kinda gal, but that didn't work for me with this cup. However, using the punch-down fold they recommended worked instantly. I heard (but did not feel) the cup unfold and a quick wiggle of the stem told me it was open. Similarly, removal is similar to other cups but you just need to be firmer. Pulling on the stem and yanking would cause a lot of pain because this cup has no suction-release holes, but that's not great practice for any cup y'all! It doesn't have grip rings which does make it a little slippery, so I would not recommend removing the stem completely. I hook it with my middle finger and pinched it with my thumb and forefinger and it comes out smoothly and easily, but others have developed their own system which works for them :) As long as you break the seal, you're all good.
  2. Efficiency: OMG BIGGEST SELLING POINT. This cup does. not. leak. At all. Not even overnight, my biggest nemesis. Not even residual slobber! It all went in the cup. And the capacity! This cup holds like a champ! I am an average flow kind of person, and after 10 hours it was barely 1/3 full. If you're a heavy flower and need to change your cups regularly or have experienced over-flow, definitely give this a shot! I am so impressed by the seal and the capacity.

I know not all cups work for all women, but if you're a low cervix, heavy flow person or someone who's been let down by traditional shaped cups once too often, definitely give this a go. I'm so glad I went out on a limb for this one! Now, please excuse me whilst I go and buy this in every single colour :) 

I hope this was helpful, happy to try and answer any questions :)


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