jammiree (jammiree) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking Issues

Good morning!

I have been using the Diva Cup 2 for about 6 months and I am still really struggling. It seems to be fine all day, even during the initial heavy period but at night it leaks like crazy! It leaks so much I feel like I may as well not even be wearing it but the cup itself is not even 1/2 full. It does the same thing when I’m participating in an extensive workout (bootcamp style), leaks like it’s not even there.

I’m thinking it’s shifting but I have no idea why or what to do; my best guess is another brand/style? Perhaps something firmer? I am 32 with 2 kids, c-sections for both, my youngest just turned a year.

Any advice or brand recommendations? When it’s working I love the cup and I’m dreading the thought of going back to tampons.

Thank you!
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