Cup removal pain

I use the large Super Jennie because I have a really heavy flow, and I can't seem to remove it without pain. I pinch the base of the cup to break suction and then fold it into a C before pulling it out. It slides out smoothly but I feel a sharp pain in the vaginal opening when the rim of the cup comes out. Lube helps minimally. I should mention that inserting using a C fold is also super painful. Inserting with the punch-down fold and lube works, but I can't get it back into that shape to remove it.

Part of me feels like the large SJ is just too large for my anatomy, but using a smaller cup with less capacity just wouldn't be worth it for me. I have similar pain at the beginning of sex with any male partner, but I'm less willing to endure it for a cup. 

Anyone have a similar experience? 


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