andromeda_spnv (andromeda_spnv) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Switching to a softer cup

Two years ago I made the decision to switch to menstrual cups after a long time of thinking and debating. Being my first time making an online purchase,I didn't pay attention to what cup I should be using( unfortunately), so my first ended up being a small Ladycup. Really bad choice for me. Firstly,I am a virgin,so insertion was absolute torture,and the popping sensation was really unconfortable(I ended up sitting on the edge of the tub all tensed up so it wouldn't take me by surprise). On the bright side,I learned all these tips and tricks so by now I gathered some useful knowledge about inserting and removing the cups. I decided to bite the bullet and bought a second one,a classic Lily cup size A. It was heavenly compared to the Ladycup,all smooth silicone,no rim whatsoever to get in the way ,but I noticed it's too long for me during tne first two days. It pushed my cervix up and causes unbearable cramps that don't go away until I remove it. So I decided to get a new,shorter and softer cup,but I really need advice until I make the purchase:would a Sibell cup be ideal,or a Lena sensitive? They cost the same for me,shipping and all , but so far I think the Sibell has nicer silicone. I'm holding back on the Lena because of the grip rings:I don't need them at all(my cervix is medium) and they look like they could become uncomfortable.

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