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Leaking while running

Hi Everyone,

I've read through the old posts, but I'm still not sure what the solution is, so here is my question.  I'm a long-time Diva Cup user — I've been using it for over 10 years.  Starting about a year ago, I started to leak while running and also frequently, over night.  My first thought was that my cup was simply too old, because I'd been using the same one this whole time.  I bought a new one and went up to a bigger size but I'm still having the same problem.  In fact, it seems almost impossible for me to run now without having a leak.  Heaviness of flow seems to have nothing to do with it.  It is rarely anywhere close to full when I take it out post-run.  I've experimented with emptying it right before a run only to have it leak 15 minutes later in any case.  I've tried to make sure I'm positioning it careful, checking the seal, etc., but really, I've being doing this for 10 years without a problem, so this seem unlikely to be the issue.  I do feel like the cup is moving around too much.  For example, having just come back from a (leaky) run now, it seemed a bit tilted to the side.     

I'm thinking I may just need a new brand, but I tried the Moon Cup on my sister's recommendation and I found it uncomfortable and it also leaked.  Any ideas on what is going on?  I really don't want to go back to tampons while running, but I'm running out of ideas here.

Thanks for your help!


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