helpmecc (helpmecc) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help!!! I cannot get menstrual cup in!

I am really struggling to get a lily cup compact in. For a bit of background info, I have never had sex nor used tampons before. I have however masturbated a lot and feel comfortable with my body, turns out none of this was relevant. I cannot get it in at all. I know where the entrance is and can fit 1 finger in but even so the walls cover the one finger and it is tight. This is not me being tense because I am not nervous and my vagina has the same tightness when masturbating (which is typically when the vagina is most relaxed/loose for me). I can't fit the cup in, I have tried numerous folds and positions. It just does not go in and it feels really bad. The exterior and interior burns whilst it occasionally throbs. I am tried absolutely everything, read so many manuals, threads, and watched a plethora of videos. Nothing seems to work and all I am left with is a sore vagina. I tried laying down, sitting up, lifting a leg, spreading, etc. Absolutely hopeless.. What do I do?! I have seen other comments and threads of girls struggling go fit the cup in as well but there were no clear responses, just ambiguous answers such as relax and try different positions. I am relaxed and I tried everything. It does not fit, perhaps I am inherently just not loose enough yet? I have been a pad user for 5 years and thought the cup would be an eco-friendly change.

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