Cyn (artemisalive510) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user - can sometimes feel cup. Normal?

Hello everyone,

I got my first menstrual cup, the Diva 1, about a month or so ago and used it on the 5th day of my period(It lasts for seven days) and it took me a while to insert it, and at first I got a little freaked out because it sucked itself up without me pushing it up(but my friend tells me it's normal.) and after that I felt it but I'm assuming it was because it was my first time, no leaks, just a slightly full and "knowing" feeling. I used it for the rest of my period that month.

Anyways, now I'm on my period again, on my 3rd day, and inserting it and taking it out are a little easier, but it does not suck/push itself like it did the first time. I have to push it myself but am too afraid to go in any farther so I leave it to where it rests and I can't feel the stem anymore. After an hour or so it's fine, I don't feel a thing, but then I start feeling it as if it's poking my side. If I walk around like on a stroll I feel as if it's wanting to come out.
Earlier I leaked so I took it out and reinserted. And I could feel it after about an hour and now I don't feel it (Maybe because I am sitting?)

My main concerns are the why it's not pushing itself up anymore, and why do I feel it even if I'm not leaking(except for that one time)?
I also cannot cut off the stem, it helps me with removing as the cup goes a little too high for me to reach without
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