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Emma Doc
Emma Doc

Cup leaking

Hi everyone.

I started using cups about two and a half years ago (age 17), I began with the small yuuki cup soft and now am using a XL meluna sport. I changed after taking up pole fitness classes as I found the yuuki was leaking too much (probably being crushed by improving pelvic floor muscles), I've been using the XL meluna for about a year and I still have issues with leaking. Quite honestly I feel like the cup is still too small - I have a very high cervix and as mentioned strong pelvic floor muscles, I try to experiment with different angles but I see little difference. I have been looking and trying to find a larger cup (not necessarily longer but with a larger diameter) but obviously I am using one of the largest on the market.

I love cups when they work for me and I don't want to stop using them but sometimes I wonder if its worth the hassle I'm having with making sure I don't leak.

Also I'm already using back up in the form of period pants (technically I think cheap incontinence panties from Amazon but they do the job) but I would still like the primary method I use to be cups.

I've also heard mixed things about firmness of cups, I was always under the impression that a firmer cup is better for those of us with strong muscles but recently I've heard a softer one can be better as it flexes more? I do think the issue with the yuuki was more that it was too small a cup generally than just too soft.

Does anybody have any advice for me or recommendations or anything? Its worth mentioning that my flow isn't super heavy, I use a large cup because i feel like it fits better. It's not like I'm filling it up too quickly and leaking, I just kinda leak round the sides of it😂

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