Sara Fernandez (Sara Fernandez) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sara Fernandez
Sara Fernandez

First Time Menstrual Cup User

I have been reaserching a lot about menstrual cups and honestly I don’t mind using tampons and pads but a cup is more environmental and can stay in longer 👍. My mom is pretty understanding but I do not know how at all I would bring it up and what she would think of it! But I know she will be worried on how I am going to get it in (im 14). Christmas is coming up and I was thinking why not get her a cup as a gift and we can both try it out.I know it’s probally better to buy a menstruated cup for yourself but u think a diva cup would fit her because she has had 3 kids! I don’t know how awkward that would be (me to be buying and recommending products to her) because she is the mom. But excluding me, I think she herself could really benefit and she is always trying new things! Are menstruated cups really hard to adjust to compared t tampons and pads? And is giving my mom a mestrual cup a good idea? I would really appreciate any advice!👍😊

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