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Newbie seeks advice!

Hi everyone

I recently started using a cup, and I really love it!

My problem: cervix moves a lot, it's very low the first 1-2 days of the cycle and then wanders extremely high up the following days, so I end up spending aroung 10 minutes retrieving my cup...

My cup: I use a small LadyCup, which I really like because it's small and it's firm enough to endure trainings. As stated above my cervix is very low on day 1 of the cycle, so I ended up trimming the stem off completely.

My question: I'm looking for a cup for my light days and here is where I need your opinion! I have considered following options:
- Buy a 2nd LadyCup and fit the stem for light days and high cervix
- Buy a NaturCup size I since it's considerably longer than a small LadyCup but it has the same diameter
- Buy a small Diva (small diameter, long body)
- Lily is a no go for me

What are your opinions? Do you have other suggestions?

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