sevaseygirl (sevaseygirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramping and discomfort

I bought a diva cup size 1 back in july. I'm over 30 but never had kids. It took me until my 3rd period with the cup to actually get it inserted. Believe me it was surprise. The thing is. I noticed that it was uncomfortable. There was pressure, and it caused my cramps to become worse. Usually I get cramps before my period, (well I should say every other month I get them before my period, and the other months I get back aches). The thing is I can't keep the diva cup in for more than 20 minutes due to the discomfort. I got this so that when I go on vacation in March (yes I planned that far ahead) That I won't need to worry to much about needing to bring pads or tampons, I"m not sure if its that I have a low or crooked cervix or what. I need some advice.
Tags: cramps, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems

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