mclmor (mclmor) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Durability/storage question(to long-time menstrual cup users)

Hi~! I think I read somewhere that while a menstrual cup could be used up to 10years, about 2years later using it, the silicone material could become a place that might brings up fungi problems more easily than before.

However, many of long-term menstrual cup users said they have been using their cups more than 5years, so I wonder how many years should I use a cup before buying another cup? (just assuming it gets taken care of well.)

I'd like to experience as many brands as possible but it's a quite pricey thing to do, right?
Since I like what I am using now(Fleur), because of both its reasonable price and useability, I'm considering buying more of the same cup.
Do you think if I buy a few more new cups in advance (but not using them until I need to change the one I am already using), would their quality become somewhat naturally deteriorated, even though I would't use them for a few years?

Many brands offer their pouch for storage. But I also read that it's better to put the cup, after finishing each cycle, in an enclosed container than a cotton pouch where is air-permeable. (Of course the cup should be completely sterilized and dried.) Which way do you guys store your cups after finishing a cycle??

I am sorry there's no link to confirm where this words came from. I just randomly read things related to menstrual cup on the internet and got these questions in my head..
Tags: buying decision, continuous use, cup lifespan

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