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FemmyCycle tips 'n tricks, from what I experienced

Hello! I mostly used a MeLuna M Classic before, but it was absolute length for my anatomy and I have been wanting a bigger capacity cup + a wider/stronger one to give me more confidence during sports. Trouble is that with most cups, capacity comes with length! Which was no option for me. So after a lot of research, tips from this livejournal and saving up I got myself a FemmyCycle Low Cervix.

Before I bought it, I already read some reviews saying the cups caused more cramps, were hard to remove, the suction was too strong etc. For me, the MeLuna cup was never strong enough to really vacuum itself, so this was all new to me.

Now I have been trying it out over the past week and I've found a few knacks to it, which I did not find online or in the folder, which I would like to share for anyone who shares my low-cervix-heavy-flow issues with finding a cup or otherwise is attracted to the FemmyCycle design. I must add i also got rather strong pelvix floor muscles, but defenitely not super strong!!, for this might cause the suction to be a bit worse on me (if i relax my muscles, it feels like it sucks less, when sucking "wrong").

First off, it's good to be familiar with the special "no spill" design this cup uses. it has a bit of a inwardfold to keep blood inside and guide the cervix. Also this cup does NOT have airholes nor does it have to fully unfold! This is crucial and makes the cup different from others. Also on one end there is a small dent in the rim, making it easier to fold it un the required U shape, before you can insert it.

With that out of the way, i will show you a picture and add info to it underneath:

As you can see, the top one i labeled wrong, whereas the bottom one is right. Mentioned before: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO FULLY UNFOLD. But sometimes, with insertion, i found i accidentally pushed out some air you need for it to unfold properly and it did cause the first image to happen: the budge that the not-fully-unfolded cup has to have, is directly underneath the cervix!

In fact, it is actually sucking at your cervix directly and feels absolutely uncomfortable. Also it can cause you to bleed way more and AT REMOVAL it will be almost impossible, painful and as it IS out, the folded part will be folded OUTWARDS. You will notice when wearing, that the cup constantly tugs and really makes you feel like having bad cramps.

At the bottom picture you can see the budge that the not-fully-unfolded cup is suppose to have, is more to the side and does not connect to the exit of the cervix. If inserted like this, there is not a single second you will feel like it is inside you. No cramps, no issues. nothing. I did draw the budge a bit small here, but i guess you can have it budge against your cervix, as long as it does not PULL on your cervix to open up. Another thing I noticed, is that if this is done right, the inner fold will NOT be pulled out when taking out the cup and will stay folded inward, like it is supposed to do.

The problem lays in the fact the air inside when inserting, will help it pop open. But when it sucks right at the end of the cervix, it cannot unfold as it wants to an will continue to suck to a crazy small vacuum and actually "suck" at your cervix. In the Right way, it will create suction, but no suction directly to the cervix! I think it is a problem that is caused by not having airholes, so you cant let in some air to relief it, yet also that makes it the no spill design. It kinda comes with the design's good things, but also giving it a smaller fault-margine.

What i have found to make the RIGHT unfolding happen?

  • At the side of the rim there is one slightly dented part that helps form the Ushape when inserting. I have found that if i use that, and i acidentally push some air out whilst inserting, it will suck the WRONG way. Instead i fold it at another part of the rim, giving it a bit more space to let air in and out before it sucks its vacuum.

  • Another thing i do is feel around where the budge is. Is it more to the side? Sounds like you're good. If it is right at the RING area, i think it is inserted wrong and you might want to retry.

  • If you DO insert it wrong and the suction is so bad it's hard to remove, try prodding around the rim a bit to let in some air as quickly as possible: the quicker that happens, the less you have to pull on the cervix to let the vacuum go.

  • When inserting, still feel around the rim to see if your cervix is neatly inside. My cervix is a bit off, so i have to make sure it is in or all will flow past. It's the same for any other cup.

  • Last tip is to try make extra sure to only push in the cup at the rim, and avoid touching the bottom as it will push out air, creating a way stronger vacuum than they intended witht he design of this cup. Better retry and spend a bit longer, than force it for time and then get the extremely uncomfortable suction.

As for my experienced with it doing its job? I am very happy with it. The rim is a bit stronger, but honestly the entire cup was smaller and more flexible than i thought, and when inserted right it does not make me feel anything not even when doing squads, yoga poses, sit in weird ways, anything (with the MeLuna i would sometimes feel it move slightly). Also it has given me more capacity (which i still have to see for how long i can wear it continuously) and it pops open a lot better than my MeLuna cup.

Hope this was somewhat helpful, for i know i wish i'd have known before. I kinda discovered it with trial and error and being too stubborn to have wasted my 30+ bucks, and it paid off, but it would have saved me effort and some discomfort if i had know before.

Cup safely and happily :)

p.s. i also recommend to just kinda play witht he cup on your hand-skin, see how it sucks and when, move it around a bit etc. That way you get to discover a lot about how your cup works and at what angle. it also gives you an idea of the suction it creates. for me this was the way i was able to find out where i could go wrong!

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