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MeLuna Review

I'd like to give a quick review of MeLuna cups after going through 2 of them. I like them because they are the only cups where you can choose a ring stem, which makes it a lot easier to grasp. But after 4 years, my first cup became softer and wouldn't open up inside me anymore without great difficulty. I contacted them and this was their response:

"The cups have undergone 3 year wear tests and in that time frame no differences in material were noted. It is possible that depending on storage conditions (no direct sunlight) or care the older cups may be less resilient than cups less than three years of age. No testing was done past the 3 year mark. (testing is expensive and most competitor products like sckoon only test for 2 years) "

I ordered a second one after that, because I really liked the ring stem. Well it's been 3 years since I bought that one, and it also has become soft with difficulty opening. I should mention, after every cycle I soaked the MeLuna in hydrogen peroxide and then boiled it before storing. (In case that had any effect.) I wish more companies would use the ring stem. So now I got a Diva Cup and what a difference in the springiness! I just don't think the hollow stem was a good idea in terms of ease of cleaning.
Tags: cup lifespan, divacup, insertion, meluna, popping open, seal & suction

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