Mariam Ansari wrote in menstrual_cups

Diva Cup: didn't sterilize it for a week after first using it? / best way to sterilize it?

I used my Diva cup for the first time last week. Because I was excited to use it, I forgot to buy a separate pot to boil it and sterilize it before and after my period. I also don't have a soap to clean it with so, I just washed it with hot water under the sink between removals/reinsertions.

Since I didn't have a pot, I just washed it thoroughly after I took it out, again just using hot water from the sink. I let it dry and I kept it in a small towel while still allowing ventilation to go through (since I think it needs air?)

Anyways, my question is... is not boiling it or soaking it a week after using it a risky move? And, what is the best way to sterilize it?

I'd rather be safe than sorry so, since I just got a pot to boil this in, I'm thinking of maybe first soaking it in a water and hydrogen peroxide mix and then boiling it with some vinegar (which is supposed to help with odour and staining in the long run?). I also intend on getting a vaginal soap to clean it with between uses.

Anyways, I appreciate your advice, cup users! :)


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