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Mallika Ji
Mallika Ji

New cup and cramps

Hi guys,
I'm new here but have been using a mens cup for about 3 years.
I have quite a heavy flow and low cervix, so I got a meluna shorty size L, but it always leaked on my heavy days and actually just almost always leaked, except for my last two days of mens. I had to empty it every two hours and even then I could get caught before time and again leak. I never could get the hang of it and although it leaks and that's so annoying, I just love using a cup so much that I just managed tolerating the leaking part. Until I thought I just had to find another cup for myself, because it's too unpractical at work when I have to use public toilets...

So I went on the search again and the huge amount of different cups and reviews is really confusing but I finally made the choice to get a quite new cup on the market, Merula cup from Germany. Most of you must already know what is this cup and many loved it and I did too in the sense that it doesn't leak at all and I go at least 6h without a leak even on my heavy days so that's so much of a relief!
But the thing that made me write here is that I wanted to know if some of you out there who are using this cup are having issue with cramps because since I'm using it I'm having cramps everyday and I think it is because the succion is so strong... It's quite painful and it gets on my mood... )
Wanted your feedback and maybe some of you found a way around that?
Thanks a lot to you all...
Tags: cramps

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