Eline Van der Straeten (Eline Van der Straeten) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Eline Van der Straeten
Eline Van der Straeten

Switching to a larger cup and which one?

I've started using the Lunette 1 today and I've noticed I have to change it sooner than the recommended 8 hours (need to empty at about 6). I am considering buying a larger cup, since I'm a bit afraid to bleed very heavy through the night and stain the sheets and I don't want to worry about that every month. When I use tampons the Tampax Super+ is enough for my heaviest night. Should I switch to a bigger cup? If so, recommendations? Lunette 2? Or maybe an Organicup (that one has caught my attention as well)? Model A or B?

Thanks! ;)
Tags: buying decisions, lunette
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