xxemilybxx (xxemilybxx) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to menstral cups need some advice :)

Im looking to start using cups but im unsure as to which brand and size to buy and would greatly appreciate some help.i am a virgin and i havent used tampons before either if that makes any difference. I have measured my cervix and it is high (infact i cant feel it at all). When i was measuring it i measured it when i was on my period and when i wasn't i couldnt feel it both times. But i did notice that when i was on my period i could feel the sides against my finger where as when i wasnt i felt there was more room up there so to speak. Is this normal?
I made a rush purchase about a year ago with out measuring or doing much research and bought a diva cup in size 1 i spend ages trying to insert it but found i couldnt as it kinda stung to get it past the inital opening of the vigana (is this normal also?). I also found when measuring my cervix that this was more sensitive on my period and it didn't sting as much when i wasnt. When i buy my next cup im planning to get some lube to help make insertion easier.
Any ideas as to what would be best for me?

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