Julieoboolie (Julie Hawkes) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Julie Hawkes

switching brands...advice needed!

hi all,
Im 34, and have never had kids. I've been a diva cup user (size 1) for 4 years or so, and while it works well when it works, I often find myself having issues with it. I think the issue is that I have been pushing it past my cervix (or beside it?). So I tried inserting it under my cervix but I find I can feel it and it feels too long, even with the stem cut. So I went online and did some research and ordered a meluna large, and then after second guessing myself, I have also ordered a meluna shorty large. So now I'm feeling dumb for ordering both, but I feel like my cervix is lower on my first few days which is when i have the most trouble. Do any of you use different cups for different stages of your cycle? Also, what if my cervix feels low when Im sitting down but feels higher when i stand up? I have so many questions!!! Any tips or suggestions would be welcome! So far this cycle my diva has been working, and i think its because i have been paying attention to where my cervix is and i started using the punch down fold rather than the c fold. Sorry for the long post! Im just tired of getting frustrated with it and reverting to pads because I hate using them!
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