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Possible TSS with Menstrual Cup?

Hello to all!

I am new to the site, and I thought I could share some of my experience using the menstrual cup.

First of all, I want to start off by saying that everyone is different, so my experience does not necessarily echo with anyone else's, and thus should not shy anyone away from trying the cups.

Background information: I have been a long-time user of pads (for about ten years since my first period), and very infrequently I use tampons (regular) to get more flexibility. I began looking into buying and using a mooncup last month. I browsed through this website and found it extremely helpful in guiding people how to appropriately pick and use mooncups (thanks to all!). However, my experience with my mooncup (Lunette 1) this morning kinda scared me away from future usages.

Last month at the end of my period, I for the first time inserted the menstrual cup and left it in during the day, the insertion and removal were painful, but I did not have any problems wearing the cup for 8 hours. So I decided to give it a full run this month.

Last night, I saw some light pink on my pants and I knew that my period was about to come, so I boiled my cup for 5 mins and inserted the cup, then I went to bed. This morning when I woke up (after 9 hours of wearing) everything was fine, there were some leaks but not severe. I took the cup out and rinsed it with cold water, and inserted it back. After my insertion, I pooped (sorry lol), and almost immediately as I stood up I felt extremely dizzy and temporarily blind for a couple of minutes. Besides, I got shaky and felt nausea and vomiting. I got very scared and instantly pulled out my cup (what a pain!). however, I managed to sit down and tried to drink some water.

I sometimes have hypoglycemia in the morning so I suspected it was the cause, but my symptoms were never as severe as this time, so I was thinking if this could potentially be TSS or similar syndromes (from insertion and leaving the cup in overnight), especially after reading this article of a confirmed case:  I love the idea of menstrual cup and I want to put my two cents in in protecting the environment, but I don't know if moon cups are just not for me. Should I give it another try?

Tags: first time use, health risks, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, pads - disposable
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